Public Health Infrastructure

Every community across PA deserves to have the people, services, and systems needed to promote and protect their health. Strong public health infrastructure looks like emergency preparedness for a natural disaster, accessible navigation of bureaucratic systems, trust in your local officials, data-driven decision making, and accelerated prevention, preparedness, and response to emerging health threats.


Violence is a widespread public health problem that impacts individuals and whole communities in many forms. Experiencing violence has a profound impact on lifelong health, opportunity, and well-being. PPHA advocates and informs to prevent violence across all settings, including community violence.

Workerforce Development

PPHA is dedicated to the professional development of current and emerging public health professionals through webinar trainings, posting job opportunities, and hosting a network of the brightest minds in Public Health across Pennsylvania. As the field of public health continues to progress, PPHA will continue to strengthen the public health pipeline.

Nutrition Security

With 1 in 11 Pennsylvanians currently facing hunger, food security is a pressing public health priority. Food insecurity is linked to negative health outcomes in children and adults, and it may cause children to have trouble in school. Giving more people benefits through nutrition assistance programs, increasing benefit amounts, and addressing unemployment may help reduce food insecurity and hunger. Visit to learn more.

Environmental Health

PPHA strives to create healthy communities for all Pennsylvanians to live, work, and play. Our environment impacts our health through the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the safety and stability of our homes. From rural to urban communities PPHA recognizes that protecting our environment is protecting our health.